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Digital has become an increasingly important service that we offer. We are constantly improving our website design and development processes to ensure that we offer the best in:

User Experience and strategy planning

Website design

Website development

Website optimisation

Drupal Agentur und Entwickler
Wordpress Agentur und Programmierer

We specialise in Drupal and WordPress websites. We are strongly behind Open Source software – it opens up the field and provides you (the client) with far more options than a proprietary solution. You rarely have to reinvent the wheel so development overhead is massively reduced and you can relax in the knowledge that an entire community of developers is working to ensure that your platform is secure and up-to-date.

Within the Open Source community there is a plethora of Content Management Systems. We have chosen Drupal and WordPress (having worked with a lot of others) because between them they cover a lot of bases. Drupal is extremely powerful and there isn’t much that it can’t do; WordPress is simple to use and is ideal for non-complex brand and blogging sites.

Drupal Website Development

Drupal is the King of Open Source platforms, it powers over 8 million websites worldwide and is used in over 220 countries in 180 languages!

Drupal is maintained by a community of over 1,000,000 users and developers, is highly extensible, secure and is multi-lingual from the ground up. There are over 30,000 free, contributed modules which extend the functionality of Drupal meaning that the most common web solutions can be built quickly and easily.

We work by configuring contributed modules, developing bespoke “Themes” to give websites a unique look-and-feel and developing custom modules where completely new functionality is required. Brandwave is an Organisation Member of the Drupal Association and actively takes part in Drupal events and development.

WordPress Website Development

WordPress started life as a blogging tool and has evolved into a solid Content Management System. It’s worked on and supported by 100s of developers and is beautifully built with a solid back-end which makes editing your content a breeze.

As it’s simpler, it’s also quicker to work with, making it ideal for smaller projects. There are also a host of plugins available which let us build anything from galleries to shopping carts very quickly.

User Experience and Strategy Planning

Webdevelopment Prozess

The perfect website has to work hard. It is the interaction between many needs which makes the site work for the business and the users alike.

Business Requirements

The first aspect which we consider is the bare business requirements. Brandwave consultants assess the business needs in detail in order to provide the most important details for the business – the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

It’s important that we gather as much detail as possible for these – “I want to increase turnover” isn’t enough. “We need to sell more of X products in Y locations to the following customer group during the summer months” is more effective!

Turn it On Its Head

Once we have gathered the business needs, we need to take the project and turn it on its head.

We build “user-centric” websites. The users (customers) are the ones who fulfil the business requirements, so the whole site must be designed around them and what they “should” be doing.

Through analysis, brain storming, we think about how to convince the users to fulfil these goals and then we build some “wireframes” and an information structure – this gives us the basics in how the information might be laid out on the screen and how the screens of content relate to each other.

Involve the Users

We know who the users are and get them involved, asking them to test our assumptions on the wireframes and the information structure. (We use a very cool set of tools that let us do this!)

The Realisation

This testing normally uncovers at least one thing that no one had considered! We take that information and incorporate it into a fresh set of wireframes.

…And Repeat

We repeat the process until we are happy that we can’t improve things any more. At this point, we have a decent set of wireframes and a solid information structure and the first part of the web build is complete.

Having recently restructured the company and with a new product due to be launched, we wanted to make a clear statement of intent with a fresh facelift for our website. Brandwave were the obvious choice. They listened and understood the direction we wanted to take our branding, whilst concentrating on the practicality of the interface required. To say we are ‘very pleased’ with the results would be an understatement. The motion graphics are the icing… and cherry on the cake!

Tris Best | Managing Director | The Official Test Centre

We worked with Brandwave in 2014 to relaunch the Target Ovarian Cancer website. We were very happy with the work Brandwave did and the final website we launched, and particularly happy with the support we received throughout development and since from their web developer. It was incredibly important to us that the site worked well for women with ovarian cancer, and the feedback we’ve had since launch has been fantastic. Our engagement statistics are also up hugely with time spent on site up 40% and bounce rate down 25%. Very pleased overall with the project.

Louise Horner | Target Ovarian Cancer

We are truly delighted with the look and feel of Oceanair’s new website. Brandwave have successfully positioned us as specialists within each of our core markets, delivering a website that both inspires B2C customers whilst supports our B2B customer base. The feedback we have received has been excellent.

Adrien Burnand | Marketing Manager | Oceanair

Once again, the Brandwave team have sprinkled our unformed ideas with their magical creative dust! Their enthusiasm is infectious and our brainstorming sessions always provide a rich stream of creativity and fresh thinking. We originally worked with Brandwave for their expertise in the leisure marine industry, but they have since proven that they are no “one trick pony”, helping us to successfully expand our brand into exciting new growth markets.

Jon Mitchell | General Manager | Marlow Ropes

We chose to work with Brandwave because their unparalleled understanding of the sports industry allowed us to progress our marketing faster. The Brandwave team took the time to really understand our brand so that everything that they’ve produced for us has been tailored to fit our unique marketing requirements. We love our new website and the product photography is exceptional… it makes me want to buy our products!

Ben Severne | Severne

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