Sports Marketing Conference

NetworkB – Sports Marketing Conference

NetworkB is a unique sports marketing conference and networking event which aims to help sports brands work together across multiple industry sectors. As one of Europe’s leading sports marketing agencies, we understand that collaboration is important and one of the fastest growing trends in the sports industry.

2018 Event – Brands Breaking Barriers

Marketing Strategies of the Future

On 26th April we welcomed leaders from across the sport, fitness and outdoor industries to our think-tank event in Munich to discuss the future of brand strategy.

Our 2018 ‘Brands Breaking Barriers’ event attracted some of the sports industry’s most influential names and brands. With talks about future growth strategies and expert panel discussions, NetworkB drove ideas to promote positive change in our industry. We’ve developed a white paper to capture these industry insights on how and why brands are breaking barriers, which you can download here.

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Previous Speakers and Panellists

A selection of brands in attendance at our 2018 event

With all proceeds going to charity, this unique networking event aims to help sports brands work together. The event connects the highest profile sports brands, technology providers, athletes, ambassadors and associations.

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