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NetworkB – Sports Marketing Conference

NetworkB is a unique sports marketing conference and networking event which aims to help sports brands work together across multiple industry sectors. As one of Europe’s leading sports marketing agencies, we understand that collaboration is important and one of the fastest growing trends in the sports industry.

NetworkB Webinar 2020

No Rules Marketing –
Building Iconic Brands

Thursday 11th June 2020, 11:00am – 12:30pm (BST)

If we asked you to name some iconic brands, your list would be endless.
From Sport & Outdoor to FMCG, looking at any industry, country or silo, there are leaders in every field that emerging & heritage brands are in competition with on a daily basis.
So, the question we’re asking is… How did they get there, and more importantly what did they focus on to achieve their success?
In our next digital NetworkB webinar, we will cover how brands are using their ‘purpose’ as a secret weapon, and the ways in which brands can work to leverage their core beliefs to be heard within their own slice of the industry.
With special guest Tom Kay, Founder of Finisterre, we will delve into the benefits of refining a brands key principles and how this small change can differentiate you from the competition.
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Previous Speakers and Panellists

A selection of brands in attendance at our 2018 event

With all proceeds going to charity, this unique networking event aims to help sports brands work together. The event connects the highest profile sports brands, technology providers, athletes, ambassadors and associations.

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