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Marketing activation is an opportunity to think creatively about bringing your brand to life.

Experiential Marketing

Sponsorship and partnerships

In-store and retail staff training

Trade shows

Collaborative content

Influencer and collaborations


As a sports activation agency, our specialist activation team is passionate about experiential campaigns that communicate everything that your brand stands for.

Whether your brand activation is to drive brand awareness, reach a new audience group, position yourself as the leader in your category or inspire behavioural change, we build and execute activation plans that meet your objectives, communicate your core message and create brand advocates.


Experiential Marketing

At Brandwave, we love to create experiential marketing campaigns that bring your brief to life and captivate your target audience. Our goal is to leave your audience with a memorable experience that sets your brand apart from others.


Sponsorship and Partnerships

With unrivalled knowledge in the sports industry, we build sports partnership strategies for brands to engage with their audience through sport. This could be collaborating at a sporting event, or partnering up with a team, athlete or brand.


In-store and Retail Staff Training

Making sure your brand’s identity is communicated at every touch point with the customer is crucial to successful brand positioning. We run retail sales training for sports brands to ensure your in-store team fully understand your brand to portray the personality of your brand consistently.


Trade Shows

We develop trade show marketing strategies and campaigns that step away from typical B2B. We seek to communicate what your brand stands for and your key brand messages in an innovative way.


Collaborative Content

Our sports content marketing services drive the success of our client campaigns. We work collaboratively to produce captivating and unique marketing content, tailored to channels to ensure we're communicating your brand in an integrated style.


Influencer and Collaborations

We help to identify relevant sports influencers to grow your brand. We build strategies to ensure our clients get the most out of these collaborations, providing guidance to ambassadors to communicate the brand’s message in a consistent and impactful way.



Our events team has a wealth of experience organising sports marketing events of all sizes. We understand the challenges involved in executing a successful event, so we make sure to provide a comprehensive service to support you in profiling your brand.


Fan Engagement

In an increasingly always-on, multichannel world it’s easy for your message to get lost. We actively enhance your fan engagement by developing a cohesive message that is delivered to your fans at every opportunity.

Our most relevant activation case studies

Salomon Sunset Series

In Autumn 2016 Salomon approached Brandwave, they wanted to create a brand owned trail running event and pop-up shop to grow awareness of trail running as a sport in the UK.

Les Mills: B2B Strategic Partnership

Les Mills wanted to exhibit their brand leadership by sharing their experience and knowledge to try and solve some of the fitness industries key challenges.

Precor AMT 3 Challenge Campaign

Precor approached Brandwave with an experiential campaign concept, involving a nationwide competition for gyms, health clubs and their members.

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