Corporate Identity

Creative copywriting is difficult. Consistent copywriting is even harder.

We create bespoke tone of voice guidelines to help you consistently express your brand’s core values through your tonal values. Our tone of voice guidelines are specifically created so that you can accurately and consistently communicate your written brand message across all of your marketing communication.

Corporate Identity Konzept
Corporate Design

Creating really effective tone of voice guidelines is always an iterative process that must involve all of the key stakeholders in the company. During this process, we look at many examples of your own copy from different sources. We identify both the common themes and the discrepancies in grammar, accuracy and terms of reference. We also look at your competitor’s copy to help with your copy positioning and identifying the white space.

Our tone of voice process helps you to present technology and will help you to:

1: Identify your real product USPs

2: Contextualise their situation usage

3: Rationalise their end user benefits