The most successful brands always have a clear, innovative, detailed and ever-evolving marketing strategy. They know where they want to go and they know how they’re going to get there.

“If you don’t have a plan, you are just drifting and your fate is in the hands of your competitors. It’s as simple as that”

At Brandwave, we believe that strategic marketing planning should be the heart of all major business decisions. The same key questions should be asked every time a decision is made because the world of sports marketing is constantly changing:

1. Who are our target markets and how can we segment them?

2. What is the most appropriate product, price and distribution model for our target markets?

3. Why should we sell this product or service? What is our brand ethos? What is the business case behind it?

4. When is the best time to sell our product or service to our target market and does this differ from one target market to the next?

“Marketing is not about making pretty pictures. It’s about focus, thinking strategically and always being one step ahead of your competition”

A solid marketing strategy should always form the foundation of any creative campaign and always underpin the design of any marketing deliverables from point-of-sale to social media.  Successful brands always have a crystal-clear brand message that instantly differentiates them from their competitors.

This is the mantra of our strategic department and it is why we always aim to fully understand and help develop our client’s overall marketing strategy before moving on to develop any marketing deliverables.

Really understanding our clients and their target markets is one of the biggest determinants of success. At Brandwave, I think we are in a unique and privileged position to do exactly that.


Founder | Head Of Strategic

Our process

We have provided strategic consultancy services for hundreds of sports brands, athletes, associations, and events both large and small all over the world. Without exception, it our experience and our authenticity that helps define our USP.  Everyone on the Brandwave Strategic team comes from and is fully emerged in the world of sports marketing. Put simply:

‘We understand your target because we are your target market’

Our three-stage process is our proprietary framework and our bespoke methodology for how we approach all strategic consultancy projects.  It consistently ensures that we allocate sufficient time to really listening to our client’s challenges.

“We ask the tough questions first”

We then define the key strategic challenges and deliver the frameworks and reports to help overcome the challenges. Finally, we help to effectively implement change and optimise performance throughout the organization.

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