Market Research

Reconnaissance is never wasted and we firmly believe that the best strategic and creative decisions are made when our clients have as much relevant information as possible upfront. Every market research brief is different to the last. Some projects require quantitative research, some require qualitative research and some require a combination of both.

“The psychographic and demographic makeup of the sports market can vary massively from one sport to the next and one country to the next.”

Many of our research projects are pan-European and are conducted prior to a new product or brand launch. We research everything from target market demand levels to proposed new product designs, event structures and retailer locations. We also worked on many research projects assessing the target market’s perception of a new brand or creative campaign pre and post-launch. Key research services include:

Consumer insight testing
Focus Groups
Stakeholder analysis

“Brandwave ran a very successful series of focus groups around the UK to help us market test a new creative campaign for the Commercial Fishing market prior to launch of the campaign. This was a difficult brief with a highly sensitive subject matter. The Brandwave team took time to understand all of the issues and developed a very workable methodology that delivered tangible insights. These insights helped us better tailor our creative to the target market and substantially increase the subsequent levels of required behavioral change”.

Commercial Fishing and Dive Markets Marketing Manager I RNLI

“This was a complex brief with a wide range of questions that we required answers to. Brandwave’s approach to this project ensured we received a fair and accurate portrayal of the European action sports market, they provided a clear and well-rounded analysis with key take-outs and next steps suggested for our brand. Their industry knowledge, expertise and network was obvious and esnsured this was a very successful project. We look forward to working with Brandwave long into the future.”

Director of Group Sales | Camp Woodward